Company Introduction

Introducing the Company:

Yazd water and Sewage company was established on 31 September 1991, by virtue of the establishment of the water and sewage companies act approved by the Parliament of the Islamic Republic of Iran, on: 01 January 1991. The shareholders of the company are the municipalities of Yazd Province, the Saba Company of Water and electricity and Iran Engineering Company of water and sewage. The above-mentioned companies are in service in different cities of Yazd province and they are responsible for the establishment and exploitation of the water-supply equipment, the  collection and the treatment of the sewage of the cities in Yazd province. The head office is located at: Kashani Ave, - Yazd. At the moment, there are 15 offices taking care of water affairs (in Yazd, Shahedieh, Hamidia, Zarch, Ashkezar, Meybod, Ardakan, Taft, Abarkouh, Mehriz, Harat, Marvast, Bafgh and Bahabad) all are affiliated with the Yazd water and sewage company


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