prospect and Mission

The prospect of corporate:

Regarding to geographic position of Yazd province, water and wastewater corporate intends to provide health and drinkable water for urban society in this province based on national and international standards by using effective human resources and development of researches based on effective management and administrative structures and using participation of private sector. This corporate also intend to create restructure and devices for collection, transfer and treatment of wastewater, based on environmental principle, for all citizens.

Mission of the corporate:

Yazd province water and wastewater corporate has defined mission that include helping to enhance health and improve quality of citizen's life through providing possibility to have a justly, continuous and stable access to health water for citizen's and collection, treatment and disposal of wastewater regarding to economic criteria and maintain of environment and using proper technology, and this corporate try to achieve its mission by renovation or create installations regarding to needs in province and correct operation from devices and present proper services to subscribers.

For doing these services based on rules, requirements and standards 2015:ISO9001 , environmental management based on standards 2015:ISO14001, safety and health management based on standard ISO OHSAS2007:18001 and standard ISO/IEC17025 for microbial and chemical tests in laboratory for water and wastewater have been established and heads of aims and policy for corporate are announced as follow:

Protection of environment and water resources through control of pollutants and prevent biological consequences.

  1. Upgrade Knowledge of human resources and empowering employees as the most important capital of corporate.
  2. Present the optimal electronic services in different way and present these service in all service locations in same way.
  3. Promotion partnership culture for continuous improving the processes and make sure for their effectiveness to providing safe work places through preventing and control of dangers and risks.
  4. Use update technologies for continuity of supply and distribution drinkable water.
  5. Execute of green management and optimization consumption resources and energy for protection environment and sue professional practice for present laboratory standard services to achieve valid results for laboratory data of water and wastewater.

Management of organization is committed to create, use and continuous improvement of effectiveness for all new management system and supply needed resources and expects from employees spend all their power to achieve great goals of organization and management representative is responsible to make sure of adhere to this policy and effectiveness of mentioned system and present report to management.


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