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The history of the Water and Sewage of Yazd  

The people in Yazd like other people living in the desert and Kavir desiring for water have been familiar with the technology of water exploration  and irrigation. Qanat, the ancestor of the water supply system, has been as old as the city of Yazd itself. Besides Qanat, there had been a mention of cold water wells in the local history, they were dug and prepared as a source of drinking water for people. Theses wells were every year restored, wall-made and equipped by the local institutes and a special building named "well house" was constructed on the well. Over time, the construction of the water reservoir and traditional drinking fountain became also fashionable. You can see these historical buildings which played vital roles in different parts of Yazd. As the population increased, the people began to have fourty-meter-deep wells dug in their houses. Although, theses wells were not as important and deep as the cold drinking waters, they came into fashion, and they have still been operative recently. The exploitation of the fourty-meter-deep wells created a kind of job called water carriers, through which some people made their livings. When well-digging was made easy through the new technology and the alternative energies, the people of Yazd began to consider the exploration of deep wells.


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