Update Instructions

Yazd urban water and wastewater co-update instructions.

Update instruction for website:

For increase site ranking and also integrity in site, following item should be noticed when insert texts:

Page title:

Select a page title consist 5 to 8 words that include main keywords. Title is the first item that people confront in search engines. Notice that exist of Persian words with Unicode standard is identified by Google.

Notes that consider when insert the title:

  • Title should be consisted content keywords and its pictures.
  • Don't use comma.
  • Wording should be correct grammatically, it should not be only combining of words.
  • Don't use words that prohibited by engines.

Insert the keywords of sits:

Search engines consider high value for keywords and they can increase your site ranking. Separate keywords with comma. This can help to you that insert various keywords in at least space.

  • Ratio of keywords to other words is called keywords density. For example, if you have 100 words in one page and four of them are keywords, density of keywords in that page is 4% try to set density of 3-20% for important keywords in your site.
  • Select your keywords as a hybrid format.
  • Write words that guess more search by search by search engines.
  • Separate keywords by character of,
  • Select keywords from text of page.
  • Write your page title in keywords.

Description tag:

These description consist 25-30 words that present under URL in search engines that, try write description that present your site content.

Heading tag:

Heading tag allow to seach engines that understand content of site. For do this, select your text of page from heading in order of importance.

  • Don't use one tag in a page more than two times, only use for important titles.
  • Don't insert all of text of page in these tags, only use for important titles.

Insert pictures:

Alternative tag in the time of insert the picture: when insert picture and link, complete frame for alternative text certainty, this feature permit you to present alternative (substitute) text if your picture don't present for any reasons.

Take care that inserted pictures have a volume less than 100 Mb.

File insert:

One way for increase recovery inserted information in sites by search engines in enriching content files, PDF that is extracted from other formats (e.g. word power point,…), it is better that has following conditions:

  1. Before convert word file to PDF, make sure that used fonts in word file are standard.
  2. Use standard software for convert files to PDF that have capability supporting Farsi fonts.
  3. Text of PDF file should be searchable by inline text search tools.

Total format for text writing:

Main title

Tahoma 16B


Tahoma 148

Text color


Text of paragraph


Listex texts

Numbered and unnumbered lists

Text alignment

Justify, RTL

English texts

Time New Roman 14



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